The Mattress Medic

The Mattress Medic is Africa’s largest dry mattress cleaning company. Over the last 12 years we have transformed mattress cleaning through our unique scientifically proven system used daily in hotels, hospitals and homes over Africa.

The Mattress Medic is a unique micro-franchise model in a 15kg bag as an add-on service to an existing business or a new start-up.

The Mattress Medic has low overheads and can be run from anywhere. We offer servicing models that are mobile and packaged to be transported on one’s back whilst walking, riding a bicycle or a scooter in its simplest form!

Take a minute to consider the number of houses in your area. Without a doubt, very few of these houses are getting their mattresses cleaned and regular six-monthly cleaning cycle required to maintain the cleanliness of a mattress  allows you to build up a solid base of repeat business.

Ask yourself this question ...

“when last did you clean your mattress?”


At any one time your mattress is infested with bacteria, mould, mildew and dust mites.

Your body alone sheds up to 10 million bacteria laden skin cells per day on your mattress.

Your mattress needs to be cleaned every 3 to 6 months!

The Mattress Medic offers a fast, professional and proven dry cleaning system for your mattress at a very low cost.

Our national network of trained professionals can assist you with most of your mattress cleaning needs!


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