The Carpet Medic

Have you ever had your carpets cleaned only to find dirty marks because you had to walk on them before they were dry? It takes many hours for carpets cleaned with a wet process to dry completely, it is often impossible to wait this length of time to re-enter your home.

The Carpet Medic uses a dry cleaning process, your carpets will be spotless and you can walk on them immediately! No more inconvenience, no more wasting money.

We use a dry powdered compound which is machine worked into your carpet fibers, this powder absorbs and encapsulates the dirt after which it is extracted using our high powered vacuum. Your carpets are left clean and ready for use.

We can also clean all your dirty upholstery, our dry powder has a neutral Ph and is hypo-allergenic, it is 100% safe to use on all surfaces.

Our network of highly trained franchisees is ready to assist you with your dirty carpets and upholstery.


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